Why You Are Never Alone, Especially When Mourning

The death of a loved one suddenly throws us into a state of mind where we often feel utterly alone, even though we are often surrounded by friends and relatives providing support. This paradox is a direct result of our cultural conditioning to expect certainty in life and the dismissal of the unseen as nothing but wishful thinking.

In reality, the unseen is infinitely more important to inner peace, happiness, and coping with loss than any physical object or amount of money. Love, hope, peace, and a variety of beliefs, for example, are extremely powerful unseen forces that are the real pillars of life and bring meaning to existence.

You are surrounded by the unseen in many other ways, not the least of which is the power of something greater than the self, which consistently and mysteriously operates in the universe. This ancient concept is critical to contemplate when mourning the death of a loved one. Consider the following in strengthening your resolve to cope with your great loss and to realize you are not alone in your journey. These insights have been utilized by others for centuries, although marginalized by the present day media.

1. God or your Higher Power is always with you. Having worked with many grieving people over the years, it has been clear that their belief in God or a Higher power who was in control and with them, provided their strength to persist. Believe that this great Source has a perfect plan of action that is good, workable, and filled with meaning, and also knows the difficult trials you are facing.

2. Millions of mourners have reported signs or contacts from deceased loved ones. These are not people who were in a disorganized state of mind or candidates for professional counseling. Their Extraordinary Experiences often came when least expected, and when they were not thinking about the deceased. Read some of these stories (Google search Extraordinary Experiences) and you will be convinced your loved one knows what you are dealing with.

3. There are people out there who are praying for you. Sometimes you may know others are praying for you, but we seldom think that there are people we don’t know who pray for others (like you) who are in need. Prayer connects the pray-er, the person prayed for and the Source. You are not alone but are part of this triangle.

4. Notice and be alert to the so-called coincidences that come into your life, especially when you are mourning. Perhaps it has happened already: support has come from the least expected people, you have asked for assistance from a spiritual source and you have received an answer on what to do, or you have an unusual experience when you are feeling especially depressed, and it lifts you up and out.

If you have not had the unexpected happen, bank on it. It will occur.

5. Consider the origin of the wisdom that bubbles up from within at just the right time. When you get that flash insight on what to do in your grief or what choice to make in your healing, think of where it must come from. Science will say it’s intuition. Mystics will say it’s the inner voice of love. But know that it comes from a loving source that is with you always.

6. Go outside and look at the complexities and beauty in nature that point to how intricately connected everything in our universe is. There are hidden rhythms in life that can be experienced by consistently putting yourself in a natural setting and carefully observing the beauty and genius that surrounds you. Focus on the sense of vitality and aliveness that engulfs you and decide where it comes from.

7. Invite a special person, saint, or mystic to be with you and give you assistance in your journey. Some people call on their Guardian Angels to guide and give suggestions. Spiritual traditions and many religions teach that these spiritual beings love you all of the time, and are waiting to help whether you are feeling depressed, abandoned, alone, or in need of emotional support.

Don’t let mainstream assumptions and the emphasis on physical reality minimize your belief in the true power in the universe. Your strong belief in nonphysical reality will help you to know that we are all connected, heart to heart. You are not alone, and will always have unexpected assistance, if you will only be open to it. There are many pathways to God or your Higher Power. One of them is through the experience that millions have reported when they were mourning: gifts from the unknown. Expect them.

Couple the above with building a support network of friends and relatives and you will have a combination that will get you through your great loss.